About IPFEST 2022

Integrated Petroleum Festival (IPFEST) is an annual international petroleum competion- based event organized by Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Perminyakan “PATRA” ITB (HMTM “PATRA” ITB), Society of Petroleum Engineer ITB Student Chapter (SPE ITB SC), and Ikatan Ahli Teknik Perminyakan Indonesia Seksi Mahasiswa ITB (IATMI SM ITB). This year, IPFEST 2022 will carry the theme, “Augmenting Sophisticated Innovations to Sustain Energy Resilience for Future Challenges”. With this theme, it is hoped that innovations from the technical and non-technical fields in the energy sector, especially the oil, gas, and geothermal sector, will be born to realize energy resiliency in the future. In addition, IPFEST 2022 is also expected to be a pioneering and collaborative platform between students, judges, and speakers internationally to solve the issues mentioned above through the activities and events that will be organized. Lastly, with the values of synergies with empowerment and professionalism, network and exposure, and to be impactful, IPFEST 2022 is hoped to connect every related stakeholder to innovate freely through our activities and to give positive societal impacts to the surroundings. Looking at the situation of this pandemic of COVID-19 that is still rising over time, IPFEST 2022 will be conducted online. We are committed to holding IPFEST 2022 with the highest quality as possible that is not inferior to the one that was held offline. 



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